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Sunday 6th Jan Airsoft shoot

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06 January   |   9:00

Why not come along to our bi-weekly airsoft shoots - these shoots are perfect if you are new to airsoft or if you're a seasoned pro.


09:00 Arrival

09:30 Briefing and game start

12:30 Lunch break

16:30 Games end 


New to airsoft?

We offer equipment rental including a Tippmann M4 Carbine, full magazine of ammunition, face mask and full body coveralls for just £35.00. Booking of rental equipment is absolutely essential as we are often fully booked and therefore cannot accomodate players requiring equipment without a booking.

To book simply follow this link - https://www.battle-scotland.co.uk/booking/select-date/2/airsoft


Got your own equipment?

Then feel free to turn up and play. The green fee is £25.00 which covers a full day or fully marshalled games and you can also register as a member to be able to purchase new kit and RIF as we are Aberdeenshire's only UKARA registered gaming site.


Be sure to read our site rules and familiarise yourself with our FPS/joules limits and our full face protection rules in particular.


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