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Outdoor Laser Tag

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Maybe you've tried some indoor laser tag in Aberdeen before - this however, is unlike anything else in Aberdeenshire!

Using the most high-tech laser tag equipment on the market, this activity is great for kids groups, parties and stag and hen events. It's so new to Aberdeen that we've listed some key facts below... It's as much fun as paintball without any bruises!

  • MP5 laser tag guns hit targets up to 400m away
  • Unlimited ammunition with reload features and ammo boxes in game zones
  • Interactive digital game boxes which simulate games such as Domination, Hostage Rescue and Capture the Flag creating really dynamic laser tag games
  • Suitable from 6 years and up

It's the perfect activity for children's parties and is also fully mobile so can be taken to any location for any event - we've even played laser tag on the grounds at Crathes Castle!


Have a look through our laser tag pages for some more information!

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